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Integrative Services

Individual Therapy

Exploring emotions, building insight, and developing interpersonal skills are the goals of individual therapy (for children, teens, and adults). Providing a safe, validating, and empathic environment is essential for individuals to better understand themselves and achieve personal growth.


ABA Therapy Services

One-on-one therapy with a Behavior Technician

Early Intervention/School Readiness

Social Skills Group Training


Parent Support Therapy

Raising a child with behavior challenges or mental health disorder can cause caregivers to feel overwhelmed. Caregivers need a place to feel empowered and validated. Our clinicians work with caregivers of children who may or may not be in therapy to develop treatment goals for their child, develop in-home behavior support plans, and help process day-to-day difficulties caregivers may face.


Family Therapy

We help families develop communication skills and better ways of relating to one another. We help families identify underlying issues that may be impacting the family system.



Coaching & Psychoeducation Services

Career/Executive Coaching

Business Coaching

Education Planning and Scholarship Application Assistance

ADHD Coaching


Vocational Rehabilitation Services Provider

Pre-Employment Job Seeking Services

Non-Supported Employment Services

Pre-employment Transition Services

* All vocational rehabilitation services require a referral from Nevada Vocational Rehabilitation counselor. 

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